The global business conference & exhibition for commercial applications of Quantum technology

Separating the hype from the reality when evaluating radically new forms of technology and science is difficult, but when the subject is as complex and esoteric as Quantum physics & mechanics, that problem is amplified. However, the reality is that Quantum computing and Quantum sensing & metrology technologies are moving from the lab to the shop floor. In addition, the existential threat posed to current secure networks by Quantum computing is driving real-world urgency in Quantum secure communications & cryptography.

Driven by geopolitical concerns and government investment, underpinned by huge advances in computing power and technical know how, real life examples and practical use cases for Quantum technologies are becoming more common place and proven.

But many challenges remain, beyond the fundamental science. What are relevant applications for enterprise use, and how developed are they? How coordinated is the approach between industry, academia and government, not just within national borders, but between nations? How developed is the broader supply chain if commercialization is to be accelerated? Are standards in place to allow replicable processes? What methods are there to benchmark, share best practices and learn from disparate industries?

The Quantum.Tech conference & exhibition addresses the above challenges by bringing together the entire Quantum ecosystem in London for two days. Attending will help you understand the entire landscape and ecosystem of Quantum technologies, and how they fit together. You will be able to develop a roadmap, and accelerate your own Quantum programs.

"Quantum.Tech proved to be an excellent meeting of the minds in the emerging 
quantum technology space. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and 
made lots of valuable contacts."
Matthew Versaggi, Senior Director Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Technology, 
Optum Technology

Featured Speakers

Why You Should Attend?

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the varied industrial applications of Quantum technology

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where the industry is in terms of developing Quantum hardware

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& benchmark from cutting-edge use cases from pioneers in your industry

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with Quantum professionals from across the world from industry, academia and government

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the very latest tools, technologies from the entire ecosystem of suppliers in the exhibition zone

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how to gain financing for your Quantum start-up. What are investors looking for?

And have fun while you are doing all this.
Enjoy interactive formats, cocktail receptions and social activities at Twickenham Stadium, London.

Whether you are just starting to assess the Quantum landscape, or you have a fully fledged program in place, Quantum.Tech is the one “must attend” meeting to drive forward your knowledge and expertise.

Who Should Attend?

The Quantum.Tech conference & exhibition brings together the entire Quantum ecosystem.

World leaders in Quantum:

From the following industries:

Aerospace/Defense /Satellite








Material Science




Optics, sensors, photonics


Medical device & imaging


Communications & cryptography


Semi conductors